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Peyronies device

Peyronies Device Review

Peyronie’s Disease

The Peyronies device is a product created in order to help the men that have issues with Peyronie’s disease. This erectile dysfunction disease is a  medical condition that makes the penis curved in various ways, something which can prove to be bad from a psychological point of view because it can prove to be a very difficult condition to live with as it can affect the man’s self esteem. Peyronie’s disease can prove to be damaging to men’s health and self esteem and in the end, it can even affect his future.

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Methods of treating peyronie’s disease

There are three known methods of treating Peyronie’s disease: through drugs, through surgery, penis extenders or penis pumps. Obviously, not everybody can afford to go under the knife and not everybody wants to do this, so many people prefer taking pills and various supplements in order to cure this disease (more info below, about a new FDA approved drug for Peyronie’s disease). However, considering the fact that the market for medical supplements and products in general is very large and choosing just one of them is very difficult. However, there is one that truly stands out, which is the peyronies device.

The Peyronies device

The peyronies device and system

The peyronie’s device and system

One of the most appreciated products for ED treatment on the market is the Peyronies highly effective, clinically tested device and system, designed to help people that suffer from this disease and also those that are born with a curved penis. This product is essentially a tool that has to be placed on the penis. If used for a longer period of time, the device will slowly correct the curve of the penis. Although this process may sound time-consuming, it is a lot more effective, affordable and risk free when compared to surgery or other pills that may have side effects.

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Experts’ Opinion

Although most products that are found on the market oftentimes do not have some sort of a medical certificate that proves that they do not cause any side effects and most importantly, that they are safe to use, the Peyronie’s device does have numerous trial tests and has been tried by various doctors and experts in the field. Moreover, this product uses a technology used for years in straightening limbs, so it does have a history. It has been proven (see study below) to have positive effects on the human body and most importantly, that it does work.

“Another important study in the use of PTT for men with PD was published a year later. Gontero and colleagues reported the results of PTT use in 19 men with minimum of 12 months of PD and pre-existing curvature of less than 50° [Gontero et al. 2009]. In contrast to the study by Levine and colleagues [Levine et al. 2008], the penile measurements were determined by photography taken by the investigators after a pharmacologically induced erection in the office or at home. The patients were required to wear the device for a minimum of 5 h per day, up to a maximum of 9 h. For the 15 patients who completed the study, the penile curvature decreased from a mean of 31° to 27° and there was significant improvement in the mean flaccid and SPL measurements of 1.3 and 0.8 cm respectively. Importantly, the authors showed no further change in penile curvature or length in the following 6 months after the device was not used. In addition, there was no significant change to the IIEF score.” Read more:

treating peyronie's disease with the deviceAdvantages of the device and system

There are numerous advantages to using this device instead of others sold on the market now. Some of these include:

  • International bestselling item;
  • Widely recognized as one of the best items on the market;
  • It causes no pain;
  • It does not have any side effects on the penis;


However, since no product can be perfect, there is one major disadvantage, besides the fact that it does cost.


Also the time involvement & type of treatment asks for dedication and persistence to wear a device daily and for several hours a day.

The product, although famous worldwide, is a bit difficult to buy in various countries and therefore is not as easily accessible as it would be in the United States. However, this product is one of the best on the market and considering the numerous expert opinions that states that it does works, it can easily be overlooked.


The Peyronies device is one of the best on the market that can help any man having troubles either with Peyronie’s disease or with a curved penis. Although in some countries it may be a little difficult to obtain it, the wait and the money spent on it will definitely be worth it.

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Editor's review of the Peyronies device
  • Affordable price
  • Good results
  • Quality product / system / method
User Rating: 3.0 (1 votes)


If you are interested in the new FDA-APPROVED drug, read below:

“FDA approves first drug treatment for Peyronie’s disease

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved a new use for Xiaflex (collagenase clostridium histolyticum) as the first FDA-approved medicine to treat men with bothersome curvature of the penis, a condition known as Peyronie’s disease. “  –

Xiaflex is hard to obtain, only in the USA through official channels and not yet proven to work:

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